Getting into Poetry
A Readers' & Writers' Guide to the Poetry Scene

Getting into Poetry

Category: Poetry

This book helps readers, writers and teachers to hack their way into the jungle of contemporary poetry. It informs, demystifies, illuminates and excites. It gives a realistic account of the poetry scene in Britain and Ireland, corrects common misconceptions and allows young or new writers to see themselves in context. Paul Hyland has written the book he wanted to read when he started getting into poetry.

Published: Bloodaxe Books, 1992, 1996
ISBN: 1-85224-118-7
Pages: 112


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Praise for “Getting into Poetry: A Readers' & Writers' Guide to the Poetry Scene”

“Essential reading...THE guide to the contemporary poetry scene.”

Suzi Feay, Time Out

“Anyone who seriously wants to be in the next new poets number ought to be reading this book now.”

Peter Forbes, Poetry Review

“The fact that this deceptively slim volume has had rave reviews in a large number of poetry magazines is witness to the extent the author's intentions have been realised: to demystify the poetry scene in plain English”


“A remarkable primer”

Lines Review

“Just about as comprehensive as you can get on the subject of breaking into the poetry world.”

Poetry London

“A survival guide.”

Writers' News

“Excellent...entertaining and demystifying advice to any would-be poet.”

The Times