Translation by Art of the Impossible Ltd.

Spanish to English & Americanization/Anglicisation

Welcome to Art of the Impossible Ltd., a limited company based and registered in England—the corporate guise of Jana Bundy and Paul Hyland—offering two types of language services:

  • Natural Language is a new venture launched by old pros who want to focus on translating texts from Spanish into English in the fields of Ecology and the Environment.
  • Americana is an offshoot of Jana’s well-established foreign language translation service, now offering Americanization and Anglicisation, meaning “translation” between British and American English.

While we have successfully handled a number of subject matters, we have begun moving back to the environmental field from the legal/financial fields. If you have a project, contact us, preferably with a sample of the job in question. If we cannot competently handle it, we will tell you so.

To learn more about how we can support your business, click on the Natural Language and Americana links above or below.


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Art of the Impossible Ltd. Registered in England No 4436965

Conjurors’ Lodge, Fairfield Road, Blandford Forum DT11 7BZ         UNITED KINGDOM